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The 7 Day Pilates Challenge

The 7 Day Pilates Challenge
an Online Course

Do you love Pilates but find it hard to find the time to fit into busy your schedule? Then my 7 Day Pilates Challenge is made for just you!


Welcome to my new online course, the 7 Day Pilates Challenge.  In this week long challenge, we go through a different Pilates workout each day, that is going to get you moving every muscle group in your body and get your blood pumping.

Who Is This For?

  • For Novice to Intermediate and Advanced Pilates practitioners

  • Students who love Pilates and wish to have a more consistent daily practice

  • Experienced Pilates students looking to have a home workout

  • Newer Pilates students looking to level up

  • Pilates students who are short on time and need a daily workout

  • Anyone who loves Pilates

Pilates Mat exercises
A woman doing Pilates Mat exercises

What's included?

By joining this online course, you will receive: 
  • An introduction to the Stott Pilates Technique and 5 Basic Principles 
  • 7 Dynamic and challenging Pilates workouts
  • Core Workout
  • A class with a focus on Spinal Mobility
  • An Upper Body focused workout
  • A Lower Body focused workout 
  • A High Intensity Interval Training Pilates workout
  • Mobility and stretching
  • Interaction with the instructor
  • Lifetime Access to the course content

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I've just finished my second Pilates workout from the 7 Day Pilates Challenge online course. I highly recommend this course! Incredible teacher & I love that there are 7 short classes (25 minutes) so it’s easy to fit into a busy day! The instructor Julie gives lots of options for different levels of difficulty & it is a well rounded workout that complements my yoga practice wonderfully. ​

Karen S. 

The short (about 25 minute) format of the "7 Day Pilates Challenge" workouts make them easy to fit into my schedule, and structuring the exercises with a specific focus each day is an interesting twist on Pilates mat work. I particularly enjoy the post-workout looseness of the spinal mobility classes (days 2 and 3), and the Pilates HIIT workout (day 6) is a terrific test of my determination. In every recording the exercises are clearly cued, adaptations are identified, and useful suggestions on how to check form are offered. A thoughtful arrangement of camera, mat, and a mirror allow the instructor to be viewed from multiple angles. And Julie's open, friendly, and caring personality consistently shines.

Beth T.

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