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Pilates teacher and client

Welcome to my online course to keep you moving every day!

I have designed this course to give you a gentle introduction to Pilates that will allow you do do a little bit of movement everyday. I want you to feel amazing at the end of the week, not tired or sore. I want you to feel motivated and inspired to go through all of the lessons week after week, until your body begins to crave that feeling of moving well everyday.

Join me on this wellness journey and show your body how much you care about it!

Who is this for?

This course is a gentle introduction to Pilates and would be great for;

  • Beginners of all ages

  • Anyone working through some injuries that needs a low impact, and safe workout, with easy to follow instruction

  • Ideal for active seniors training for injury prevention

  • Seniors who are looking to add more movement and activity into their routine. 

What's included

You will get an introductory lesson to watch once on the 5 Basic Principles of the Stott Pilates technique. 

After that, there is a Daily Warm Up to be done as a workout on its own when you are short on time, or to combine with one of the 6 other workouts below.


The 6 workouts include:

  • Core Workout

  • Arm Workout

  • Leg Workout

  • Balance Challenge

  • Cardio Workout 

  • Stretch Class

The goal to do at least one workout or segment a day. You have lifetime access to the course and can continue to practice and repeat these workouts on your own, to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Women doing Pilates with a ball

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I have been doing the Daily Warm Up every day, and every day I learn something new, and feel better. I have also tried all of the other segments and they are excellent as well. Julie really knows her Pilates, and it is obvious that she enjoys what she is doing. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I highly recommend her excellent video course.

- Les Halpert

Thank you, Julie, for this wonderful course. I can tailor it to me and my (lack of) schedule. It’s helping me ensure that I move every day! I’m aiming to do the warmup and one other workout five days a week. I do two one hour Pilates classes a week so this will be a good and positive continuation. These short segments are manageable. I feel I could take on the world right now! 

- Lois Charles

I am so happy that I have enrolled in this course. I have completed each segment and am trying to do the warm-up and at least one other part each day. I love that you can pick and choose which one(s) to do depending on how much time you have or how you are feeling. It is the perfect course for a senior like me and you have impressed upon me, and many others I am sure, how important it is to get moving every day. Your gentle guidance and reminders on breath and positions where head, arms, pelvis, etc, should be during the exercises are so helpful. Thank you so much for this great opportunity to experience an introduction to Pilates with an amazing teacher.

- Carol Douglas

Wow, my balance needs work, this will be a daily practice! Nice job of visual instructions on the cardio workout, very easy to follow. All of the segments are great.

- Christine T. 

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