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Pilates is a mind body exercise system, designed to strengthen the weak, and challenge the strong. It was pioneered by Joseph Pilates, a German expatriate who first made his mark in England during World War 1. At that time, he developed a series of exercises and innovative equipment, to help prisoners of war regain their strength and mobility. These exercises can be performed on a mat or on specialized apparatus.

When Mr. Pilates emigrated to New York in 1926, the professional dance community there discovered his conditioning techniques could help prevent injury and improve strength while maintaining long, lean muscle tone. 

Stott Pilates is an anatomically based approach to the original Pilates exercise method. It is a progression in Pilates that incorporates modern exercise science and rehabilitation principles. It eliminates contraindicated movements and emphasizes neutral alignment, core stability and peripheral mobility. The Stott Pilates repertoire consists of more than 500 mind body exercises that can be performed on a mat, or on specialized equipment.


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