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Feel Good Stretches

An online course to help improve your mobility and posture.
Welcome to my online course on Stretching

I have designed this course to give you a gentle introduction to Stretching with several different class formats to show you many options. From standing to sitting, from a quick stretch for the end of a workout, to a long stretch as part of your 'rest day'.


This course is for any body at any fitness level who just want to increase their mobility and overall feel better.

Join me on this wellness journey and show your body how much you care about it!

A woman stretching

Who is this for?

  • For any body at any fitness level

  • Anyone looking for a little more mobility and flexibility

  • For those looking to improve posture

  • Beginners looking for a gentle way to start a fitness program

  • For anyone looking to release stress and tension from their body.

  • Athletes of any age looking to improve their sport. 

What is included?

With this course you will receive...

  • A Mobility Warm Up

  • Standing Stretches

  • A Short Stretch Class

  • A Long Stretch Class

  • Chair Stretches

  • Opportunity for interaction with the instructor

  • Self Paced Instruction

  • Continued access to repeat the course as often as you like

A woman stretching

Sign me up...

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What Our Clients Say

I love these classes and so does my husband, we do at least one a day. The long stretch class is great, I do it on days I don’t have any activity planned to keep me from getting tight.

Jane H. 

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