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On Demand - Virtual Classes

We are pleased to offer a variety of classes available On Demand for you to rent for a 24 hour period, or you can join the monthly subscription and get all access to all the classes. Thank you so much for joining me! 



Or keep scrolling for more information on how it all works.  

How On Demand Works

We've tried to make it as simple as possible but below is a step by step guide of how to access your workout.

First go to our Studio 1 Pilates On Demand website here, where you will find our full library of on demand classes available to either rent for a 24 hour period or you can get full time access through a monthly subscription. 


1. Once you have chosen which workout you want to do, press the 'subscribe' button. It will then ask you for your name and email and ask you to set up an account (we promise we don't do anything else with the info provided!) Even if you are doing a video rental, click subscribe.


2. This will take you to a menu to either purchase a one time 24 hour rental, or a monthly subscription option. Choose the option you would like and you will then be asked for your payment information.

3. The class should appear right away, so enjoy the class! 


On Demand - Virtual Studio


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