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We are pleased to offer a variety of online group classes weekly. You are able to continue your fitness training while social distancing in the comfort of your home. 

Above is this week's online group class schedule (Oct. 25 - Oct. 30), some classes will vary each week. All group classes are on Zoom, and a recorded class option is available. Times are in Eastern Standard Time.

Please email to register and your Zoom link will be sent to you once payment is received, either by e-transfer or using the PayPal button below.  If paying by PayPal, please be sure to confirm by email which classes you are signing up for. 

Setting up for your class - Checklist

To get the most out of your online class with as little interruptions as possible;

  • Your environment and space are safe for movement; there is no clutter and you have all the equipment you need, as well as a towel and bottle of water

  • If you’d like me to see your movement, you have placed the camera about 2.5 metres from you

  • Your home environment is free from distractions and you’ve optimized your bandwidth

  • You’re ready to focus on yourself and your health for the duration of our time together (if you were coming to class in person you would probably silence your phone/other devices to not be interrupted!) 


I've found that after all these years of you training me, just seeing your face and hearing your voice puts me in the workout zone. Doesn't matter if you're really there live, I laugh with you and talk to the computer as if you were.

- Beth T. 

This ballet class has been amazing!!! Love everything. Ballet class with Julie brings joy to my week!!

 - Kelly A. 

The instructors commitment to the Stott Pilates method, and continual professional development, is evident in every correction she makes during each different class she offers. Her years of experience also ensures that she can modify every exercise and class to individual fitness and ability level. I constantly recommend Studio 1 classes, not only because of the focus on wellness, but because it is always a welcoming and fun atmosphere

- Gail P. 

There is a sense of immediacy and connection taking Julie's classes, whether via Zoom or with the recordings. Knowing she cares about my progress means I feel a sense of commitment to showing up and working hard. 

- Crystal P. 

Julie is an amazing teacher. She is very knowledgeable and knows how to allow me to get the most out of my workout while still having fun!

- Karen S. 

I've been going to Studio 1 Pilates for several years for Pilates, Zumba and Barre, and the classes never get stale. The environment is supportive and friendly, and Julie's knowledge and ability to modify exercises is a rare quality in an instructor. I'm so grateful that I found such a great local fitness instructor.

- Kate H.