Online Courses

From beginner to advanced, online self study, to live classes on Zoom, we have something for everyone.

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Everyday Pilates

I have designed this course to give you a gentle introduction to Pilates that will allow you do do a little bit of movement everyday. I want you to feel amazing at the end of the week, not tired or sore. I want you to feel motivated and inspired to go through all of the lessons week after week, until your body begins to crave that feeling of moving well everyday.

Join me on this wellness journey and show your body how much you care about it!

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The 7 Day Pilates Challenge

Do you love Pilates but find it hard to find the time to fit into busy your schedule? Then my 7 Day Pilates Challenge is made for just you!


Welcome to my online course, the 7 Day Pilates Challenge.  In this week long challenge, we go through a different Pilates workout each day, that is going to get you moving every muscle group in your body and get your blood pumping.

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Live Classes on Zoom

We are pleased to offer a variety of online group classes weekly. You are able to continue your fitness training while social distancing in the comfort of your home. With a variety of classes including Pilates Mat, Barre, Stretch, Zumba and Ballet... we have something for everyone.